How you can secure your Jewellery Shop?

How you can secure your Jewellery Shop?

How you can secure your Jewellery Shop?

07 Mar,2019

Did you know that burglars and thieves breaks-in commercial area in every 90 seconds in India? Yes, the stats is indeed true. The major target of burglars and thieves is a jewelry shop that’s why it is worth to install jewelry protection system in a shop. Jewelry showcase is a weak area where break-in happens. To discourage burglars to access in a jewelry shop, we have listed some modern technology-based security systems below. Let’s have a look.

Protection from Smart Fog Security System: It’s not an ordinary security system. This security system not only acknowledges you about the theft but not avoid it. Generally, burglars take 3 minutes to steal valuables and escape from the place hassle-free. That is why need a fog security system that protects your valuables from the very first second. This system contains an innovative formula of the fog fluid with a very high percentage of glycol that produces dense fog and doesn’t vanish in a few minutes. 

Surveillance Security Cameras: As we said above jewelry stores are the primary target of burglars. So, surveillance plays a crucial role to protect your store against distraction theft, sneak theft, and internal theft. By installing security cameras in your soft jewelry area you can dissuade thieves from stealing in your store. A focused and well-managed team of video monitoring team can keep an eye on each and every activity and can detect crime before it happens. A surveillance security camera covers the whole store and keeps valuables secured. 

Union Smoke Alarming System: This easy to install and maintain the jewelry protection system needs no consumption power and provide protection against thefts. When it detects theft it shoots all smoke instantly and safe your store from the economic damages. Managing a jewelry store is not a simple task. A CCTV camera and an alarm are enough, you have to install more advanced jewelry protection system like Union smoke. As it offers the best security solutions that’s why many of the jewelry shops can’t be removed once installed.

Protection from Carbon Mono Oxide: Carbon mono oxide is odorless gas. This gas cause dizziness, faint, confusion, and vomiting. If everything gets failed to shoot this gas that protects your valuables from the damages.

Over to you:

While doing a business peace of mind is very necessary. Due to aggravatedly increasing theft rates, it is impossible to do business hassle-free. So, spend some penny on jewelry protection system and avail the benefits of it even when you are not in your shop.

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