What can Security Fog do that a Conventional Alarm System Cannot?

What can Security Fog do that a Conventional Alarm System Cannot?

What can Security Fog do that a Conventional Alarm System Cannot?

07 Mar,2019

Though the conventional alarm system is one of the highly used electronic security systems that secure your valuable round the clock. It notifies neighbours and the control center that the burglar has broken into the commercial buildings or houses. It is then up to security guard and police to take action. But, it is experienced that it may take up to 15-20 minutes for them to reach the place. In between a thief gets enough time to steal the valuables and escape from the place hassle-free. Security fog system shoots the dense smoke instantly, which prevent the thief from searching valuables and entering the restricted area. This advanced electronic security system is now installed in all commercial areas from school to house, shops to hotels.

Downsides of Conventional Alarm System: 

1. If we compare a conventional alarm system with a new smart electronic security system, these rapidly become outdated, costly and inefficient. Additionally, sometimes conventional alarm system call turns out to be false. 

2. One of the biggest pitfalls of the conventional alarm system is that burglars know how to disarm them. 

3. A wireless alarm system posses one disadvantage because you need to recharge the batteries and won’t work when batteries die. And a hard wire alarm system also problematic because it is difficult to install and offer requires high maintenance. 

4. In an operation, a conventional alarm system integrates radio signals so it is very easy for the hackers to hack the radio signals break into the house and shop effortlessly. 


Benefits of Using Advanced Security Fog Alarm System:

1. A security fog alarm system is easy to install and operate. Along with it take less electricity as compared to other conventional wired alarm systems. 

2. A security fog alarm system comes in elegant colors and made with top-notch quality. 

3. All security fog alarm system can install at the wall, ceiling and other surfaces of the rooms.

4. Because of new mechanical construction and insulation, it comes with an extended lifetime.

5. All security fog alarm system build a dense wall of smoke and  gives immediate protection of your valuables 

6. It is noted that finding valuables is very difficult when dense smoke fill in the room. 

7. Generally, all security fog system comes with battery backup to maintain the security system. 

8. Individuals can reduce their insurance premiums by installing the smart electronic security system. 

9. Individuals can sleep at their respective place when Xsort electronic  security system is installed.

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