Jewellery Protection System

Jewellery Protection System

Jewellery Protection System

Our equipment is really professional and has the list of distinctive features that you can find below:

1. The machines provide the fastest and the densest fog; the speed of emission and density of fog cannot be compared with any other manufacturer.

2. Patented nozzle ant tamper and orientable nozzle.

3. Very low and always stable power consumption (starting from 37W).

4. Wide range of products for different volume space and different customer needs.

5. All European and international certificates.

6. We are the most price aggressive in the market, not only because of the price of equipment, but also for tank is cheap and it does not need any maintenance at all.

7. It can be also be activated manually by wrist watch/panic button/mobile/remote giving wider scope to successfully stop burglary and robbery attempt.

8. Can be connected to any existent alarm system, CCTV, panic button, bracelet, sensors and so on.

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